The region of Murcia boasts of having more than 3.000 hours of sunshine during 320 days a year, where its beaches are bathed by two seas, the Mediterranean sea and the Mar Menor.

Thanks to its proximity to main road links, not only is it possible to get to the region´s most important cities Murcia and Cartagena but it is also possible to get to incomparable inland settings or gorgeous southern coastal areas.

Murcia is the capital of the region, a place where tradition and modernity live in harmony. It is a city where you can walk everywhere to enjoy its charming streets and squares, monuments, shops, museums, shows and typical tapas in the open air……

What to do…

Tapas The good weather invites one to go on a tapas bar crawl sampling tapas in the taverns and squares throughout the year. Noteworthy are those in San Juan, Santa Catalina, and de las Flores and the bar areas of La Merced and Plaza de Europa. So lovely to stroll down and to try out all the various deliceous tapas together with a nice cool beer or a glass of fine wine.

Shopping The best shopping in the city centre (Trapezia, Plater, Jabonerias streets or the Gran Via and then the shopping centres; El Tiro, La Noria, Thader or Nuevo Condomina)

Shows The Romeo Theatre, the Circo Theatre and the Victor Villegas Auditorium and Conference Hall make up a comprehensive cultural offer

Festivities Holy week; (International Tourist Interest) A singular holy week in Spain known for its thrones and sharing of sweets and gifts between the general public. Spring festival; The Peñas Huertanas or Huertano groups set up in the city gardens of the city “barracas” which offer typical local cuisine. Noteworthy is El Bando de la Huerta and El Entierro de la Sardina, of the international tourist. The September Fair is a festival dedicated to the Virgen de la Fuensanta with activities and and festivals (located 10 minutes away, The Nature Park of El Valle y Carrascoy), noteworthy are the Moors and Christians, the Huertos del Malecon, the bullfighting fair in Murcia and the Romeria day.

Healthcare There are several hospitals, both private and public, providing an excellent healthcare network